Susan's strengths are in working with people who are out of their comfort zone.  For example, she enjoys working with newly-promoted leaders; people leading in periods of significant change; and people coming back from difficult circumstances, such as a career setback or a blow to self confidence. 

She is fascinated by human interaction and communication.  Therefore she also specialises in coaching for sensitive and persuasive communications, between two individuals or one-to-many.

Originally a marketer, Susan held senior marketing management positions and worked as an international copywriter for global brands.

Alex coaches people along the entire leadership process, from setting the vision and developing the strategy; to developing the organisation; and implementing the plan.  He is particularly interested in team leadership, including engaging and motivating  complex teams and building team performance. Within ARK, Alex is also uniquely placed to coach people experiencing conflict situations. 

Alex spent 10 years in HM Prison Service as a governor  and inspector.  He brings knowledge and insight into the public and third sectors. 




Alan specialises in bringing clarity to difficult decisions.  He coaches leaders who need to develop plans in challenging environments; and then bring the rest of the team on board.  His passion is for bringing calm focus to troubling decisions and busy minds.  Consequently, he has spent the last ten years developing his skills as a leading mindfulness practitioner and coach.

Alan has led teams and organisations for over forty years.  He has significant leadership experience within blue chip businesses, having held Directorial and Board positions within Nabisco and Scottish & Newcastle (now Heinken plc) totalling twenty years.  This gives him a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by executive coachees.

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