We coach individuals and groups.

ARK Associates' senior coaches have the experience to coach on any business concerns or topics.  The topics that arise most frequently are shown below.


When a problem is complex or a situation is sensitive, it can help to involve a neutral outsider. 

We offer expert facilitators who  keep the dicssion on track and making prpogress, who will challenge narrow thinking and who will ensure a conclusion is drawn.


Every organisation has communication challenges.  Leadership team members are expected to address those challenges, and consequently need sophisticated communication skills.

From presentations, to PDRs, to PR: we coach on all aspects of communication, spoken and written, for everyday or unexpected situations, 


 Wellbeing in the workplace is central to delivering business objectives, not least around recruitment, retention and productivity.

We offer coaching for people experiencing workplace pressure; mindfulness coaching - and even executive yoga:


This is an opportunity for an organisation's leaders to clarify their thinking, generate options for action and develop action plans, in privacy and without risk.

Executive coaching can address any issue faced by a senior team member, from business matters to personal plans or concerns.


We live in interesting times!

This means senior executives regularly need to lead their organisations through periods of significant chnage. They will need the skills to set a clear vision; communicate the plan to the team; and ensure everyone is engaged and enthused. ARK coaches in all aspects of leading through change.



Leadership isn't always easy.  Senior people are expected to have a vast range of skills, from thinking strategically; to running a department; to inspiring confidence. 

Coaching can support leaders - new or established - in developing a confident,  trusted and effective leadership skillset. 

What I need is...